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Who We Are

Founded in 2016 by our Chief Amigo, Danny Mayans, Salsa God is the result of a lifelong love of the vibrant and delicious flavors of Mexican Food and the unique and lively culture of Mexico. Danny’s love for Mexican food and his passion for salsa began at an early age. Born and raised in Texas, he grew up eating Mexican food and made frequent trips to Mexico to visit relatives and experience the culture. Danny’s travels throughout Mexico gave him the opportunity to experience the regional flavors of different areas within Mexico and develop a palette for all types of amazing salsas. You could say that Danny was and is a Salsa Fanatic.

A few years ago, Danny found himself living abroad, without any access to a decent salsa either in stores or in restaurants. Not having salsa was not an option for him, so he called up relatives in Mexico to get a few family recipes.

After over four years of experimenting and continually refining the recipes and by leaving out ingredients he did not like (onions!), Danny created the fresh, healthy and crave-worthy flavors of Salsa God Salsas! Remember, “What You Put on Your Taco Matters!™”


Medium Fire Roasted Red

Inspired by the flavors and culture of Mexico, the smoky, fire-roasted tomatoes, bold garlic and citrusy lime juice will make this authentic, award-winning salsa your new favorite!

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Medium Salsa Verde

Tangy tomatillos, fire-roasted garlic, vibrant jalapeños and zesty lime juice spring to life in this classic Mexican salsa. Works miracles as a marinade or cooking sauce!

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Smoky Garlic Chipotle

The rustic, smoky heat of chipotle peppers, tomatoes and bold garlic combine to create the perfect dip for your tortilla chip!

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Hot Fire Roasted Red

Just like its milder cousin, the Hot Fire Roasted Red salsa packs a flavor punch in every bite. Habanero peppers and lively jalapeños amp up the heat in this award-winning salsa for those who like it Hot!

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Hot Salsa Verde

Salsa God’s Founder’s favorite salsa on the planet! Tangy. Citrusy. Hot & Delicious. Try blending this with smashed avocados for a hassle-free Guacamole.

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